The Necropsalms

by Phalanx



released December 12, 2006



all rights reserved


Phalanx Brisbane, Australia

Phalanx were originally formed in March 2005. Although being a relatively young metal act, Phalanx displays a high level of musicianship. This is evident in the bands well constructed original material as well as the covers chosen to perform. Intelligent riffs, high level musicianship, and thought-provoking lyrics are of the highest priority in Phalanx's music. ... more

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Track Name: Shame of the 20th Century
Shame of the 20th century

Part A

Verse 1

Baptized in blood
Together with fate
I’ll do anything to quench the thirst of my sate
Black hearts with white skin
Blaspheming with flesh
Hide behind the cross
Worthy they are not

Verse 2

A ceremonial gathering
For lives once told
The noose is tightened
By hearts turned cold
Satan smiles
The fire burns on
A shot in the head
because a man didn’t belong


A parade through the streets
Genocide has begun
White is right you repeat
As you lift the gun

Chorus 1

What a world we live in
Kill each then repent our sins
Believe in acceptance
Then hang a man, crucify him
Place the noose around the neck
If the drop fails a shot in the head
Vital organs torn from the corpse
Engulfed in fire, life has gone

Part B

Verse 3

How did things turn out this way?
A putrid world of racial hate
If I could ask one question before
The eternal hand takes me away
Why does this happen?
Bothers brutalised because of race
A trench of gore lies between us
The only certainty of life is death

Part C

Verse 4

Look around you and you’ll see the hate that exists
In this place these times
The crowds gather all smiling the same sick smile
To witness the murder of a fellow human being Its not right
What a democracy, racial superiority
Crimes against humanity pledged to Christianity

Chorus 2

Shame of the 20th century
Shame of us all
Track Name: By the Light of the Moon
By the Light of the Moon

By the light of the moon she takes her final breath
By the light of the moon she crawls and fate does the rest
Visions prophesizing hope that is not to pass
Knowledge cannot penetrate her silvery clear glass pane
She remembers all that has come and gone and what will never pass
The clairvoyant sees her destiny and horror grips the teller fast

By the light of the moon
By the light of the moon
There lies a clock of doom
‘Cause By the light of the moon
All of the has come to pass

There lies… a clock a doom in her chest
Demise… behind her back death manifests
The knife…lies behind her tender breasts
Then a man rips out the knife and tears her to shreds